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I am going to post mine like a normal post so people can reply to it....

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my fav scene of eclipse was when bella punched jacob XD
yes, this was mine also go bella
i liked that one too, but even more when emmet asks her if she fell again and she answwers "no, emmet, i punched a lycan"
I started loving the book more when Bella punched Jake. Edward's reaction was so calm but you could tell his threat was real. Charlie's reaction was also funny too.
great scene
Truly loved this part
My favorite scene from the entire saga is when Edward "kidnapps" Bella and then proposes to her
I love that part soooo much =)
mine also so romantic
That part was amazing. Edward is so perfect.. Jeeze.. :)
i totally agree best part and most romantic!!!
I completely LOVE this part too...also when he acts like she's going to get her way with him...hahaha! ;)
Love this scene too. It was perfect!


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