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How does everyone feel about the part where Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob in the face???

I know everyone remembers that part!!!...well I know i do!!!!

Think about it...when Jacob kisses Bella trying to make her realize she loves him more than Edward...& out of pure rage Bella reacts by punching him in the face...only hurting herself...this part was soo hilarious to even picture the way charlie reacted to the news!...PRICELESS!!!!

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i laughed a lot and then was like wow why would he do that.
me too lol it was very funny
I remember laughing then thinking "oh crap, Edward is going to FLIP!"
Me, too. I thought it was hilarious. I think it will be funny in the movie.
if they dont have that in the movie than i will b soooooooo outraged i might sue them
me too. it was sooooooooooo funny. i just wished that edward had broke jacobs jaw!!
I was laughing so hard I was crying, I was just thinking about alll the bones the Jacob was going to have after Edward found out.
oh ya
Omg i that was is my favortie chapter in eclipse!
the way everyone reatced to it was hillarious :)
ohh sooo funny !!
yes it was so funny, what a great reaction, but I wanted Edward to punch him too...
i wanted Edward to kill him
I loved it was soooo good even better what Emmett said!! lol


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