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How many of you ever thought what would have happened if edward hadnt stayed with bella in the Tent??

tell your thoughts about this one sceane in the book

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That's a big question!! Did Victoria follow Edward's scent to find Bella?
Maybe she never would have found Bella if Edward hadn't been with her. I don't know.
Sure did make it more interesting having them together.
I can't believe they even thought about leaving her unprotected. Are you kidding me????
well i think she would have just figured out that she loved jacob sooner thats all cause even when she did realize she loved him she still chose edward like a smart person would i have to admit i liked the part where she has a flash of what there life would have been like together that was interesting.
I really don't think anything would have happened...she loves Edward and as much as Jake would have liked her to have done something I don't think it would have happened...she has extreme loyalty to Edward...personally I don't blame her...he is the ultimate!!
i think jacob would have done something inapropiate and then bella would have like screamed and edward would come running and edward would fight jacob and yeah.
I think victoria would have
found her anyway.
whether or not Edward was there
i think this was going to heat up in that tent if edward wasn't but he were there so yeah but she still wasing going to do anything with jacob beause she love edward
Well I think that Jacob would of forced himself on Bella. They would of done more kissed because thats what shes hungry for and being in that situation I don't think it would of mattered if it was Jacob or Edward who she would of done it with.
well... maybe everything wouldve gone easier... cause jacob and bella wouldve just talked without the idea of kissin (ugh)


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