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If Esme was so upset about losing her child that she tried to kill herself, how could she not hate Carlisle for not only saving her but making it so she has to live with that pa

I am not sure how I would feel about that myself. And then wouldn't Carlisle realize her pain and not inflict this life on her if her loved her so much? Ok I finally got my answer to this. I read a magazine that went through the back stories of each vampire and Esme actually met Carlisle 10 years earlier when she was 16 and fell in love with him then. She was forced to marry an abusive man and lost her baby because of the abuse and that is why she tried to kill herself. This makes so much more sense now.

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i hink afterwards when she fell in love with carlisle she realized that living isn't so bad....i don't think she would tell him that though
Carlisle just couldn't let her die. The doctors put her straight in the morgue but her heart was still beating.

Carlisle couldn't leave her and he must have fell in love with her or felt something for her so he transformed her instead of watching her die or leaving her there.
idk~but i would think that she is very grateful to carlisle and she has children now(and she is in love with carlisle)
I know they love eachother and everything, I am just saying if it was you and you wanted to die and your reason for living was gone, would youhave any resntment or be mad at all at the person who has now not only stopped you from dying but also has made it so you won't die, won't have a 2nd chance at a biological child, won't be able to stop that pain. Please don't get me wrong, I love Carlisle's character and think he is wonderful with Esme I am just looking at it from another perspective.
As stated repeatedly in the books, human memories fade. Even Rosalie would had difficulty remembering the trauma she went through if she had not been hell-bent on revenge and kept reliving her final human memories over and over so that she would not forget them.

Also, consider that Esme had a horrible life as a human, married to abusive people. If you were given an opportunity for immortality with someone who would love you deeply each and every day of forever, wouldn't you say yes?
i think she probably did at least in the beginning.. he was lonely.. hmm guess after 70 odd years she manage to forgive him and fall in love him?? it doesnt seem like she forgot what happened with her baby just accepted thethings she cannot control
quite simply, it all worked out... but I'm sure it took Esme a bit to adjust.
Well, Carlisle didn't know that Esme had such a love for children when he changed her. And besides, wouldn't she rather live with the love of her life than not have any life at all?
I know but now she has children
remember carlisle was a doctor for how many years? he studied everything from medicine to physchology. he knew how to heal her.
He simply couldn't have let her die. And she did fall in love with Carlisle after he changed her; perhaps she tries not to think about it too much. Seems to me the pain would weigh her down if she spent days brooding.
well... maybe cause she fell in love with carlisle which means all pain was gone because of him


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