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if you where edward wold you just bite bella and get it over with?

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I understand that he don't want to take away Bella's soul. He don't want her to be doomed to hell. He wants her to live the life she would have lived if she never met him which is a HUMAN life. He don't want her to have to change for him so I can understand why he did not.

...but knowing that she is stubborn and won't change her mind. Knowing that this is what she wants... I would have done it already but after graduation. Just get married and to everyone, move away to go to college while really living at the Cullens.

My opinion.
Sadly, biting her would be selfish and he is anything but... I really like the way it happened -- "naturally" if you will.
Idk it would really hard cuz nobody would want 2 see de person dey love go drough dat lyke dey did
No. He loves her, so he will never stop fighting for what he believes is best for her.
No, I would be sure that is what her choice really was, and even then the "no soul" thing would be really hard to wrap my head around, I really make her understand what she is doing before i would do anything
I would have bite her just to get it over with i would have bite her because she really wanted it.
Now i probably wouldnt have bitten her in Twilight. But after getting to know that she is very naive and knows what she what; and makes sure the pros out weigh the cons. I would have totally bitten her.


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