The Twilight Saga

During The Twilight Saga we here why each of the Cullens(except Alice really) were changed by Carlise, and aso Carlise's change too

Edward was dying of Spainish Influenza, and begged by Edward's mother to save him he did
Esme was dying broken from her suicide attempt, Carlise hearing her heart still beating in the morgue, seeing her, he saved her because he fellt love for her
Rosalie was left dying in the street after attack from her vile husband
Emmett was dying after a bear attack, Rosalie in seeing him knew she had to save him so carried him miles to Carlise
Carlise was attacked by vampire
Jasper was changed by Maria under awful circumstances, to be used to create an army and as a plaything
Bella Was changed as she lay dying from the birth of Nessie

My question is

If Carlise stood over you whilst you were dying telling you what he could offer you, life as an immortal would you take it? and WHY?
Would you choose death?

In the end of New Moon Bella puts her immortaliy to the vote and we learn that Rosalie says no, given she had no choice at the time of her transformation.
In Eclipse we hear Rosalie's story and understand the reasons, her husband and friends atacked her lving her for dead and never having a family, this is why she see Bella's choice as wrong, along with her's we hear Jaspers sads story of his change and abuse from Maria
In Twilight we learn about Carlise's change as he tries to continue his father's work in findig evil, in which he has a run in with a vampire who bites him, and Carlise crawls away into the dark transforming alone and frightened, he tries to commit sucide as Edward explains in many different ways, t turns his life around by hunting animals and using his profound sensesto save others.
In Twilight we hear about Esme's sad lose of a chils, her attempt to end her life was unsuccessful but Carlise heard her hear still beating and found his soul mate and saved her at the last possible moment, and of course there's Edward who's mother begged Carlise to save her son
All tragic events, but all wih happy endings as they all find their match in life

Remember that being immortal has its hardships, your thirst, and your possible loneliness, you would live as a Cullen being a vegaterian, but there can be happiness in the end of it all

This question is purely out of interest in what people think and i look forward to reading your thoughts



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Hi Gemma,
If Carlise stood over you whilst you were dying telling you what he could offer you, life as an immortal would you take it? and WHY?
Would you choose death?

I would choose to be an immortal. That way I could still keep a watch on my family, help them out if needed. Only they wouldn't know it was me helping them. I would find a way to make my apparent death a tolerable thing. Some horrific fire so there was no open casket. Or maybe some animal attack, but either way there wouldn't be much of (me) to identify, just my ID some ring or something that my family knew I had. I wouldn't want to just disappear, they would look for me and never stop. So definetly a death of some sort. I am a family oriented person so keeping on eye on my family is what I would want. To be immortal I can do that. If my family were to have money issues reguarding schooling for my neices and nephews I could see to it that they got to go. Or what ever the case might be. I would fully be aware and accept that they would never to allowed to know I was alive so to speak. But I would be happy to know that I would and could be there for them, even if they didn't know it was me. I love them enough to watch out for them, as they have for me as I grew up.

As always these are just my thoughts, looking forward to everybody else's.

Great comment.. to look after you family is important to eveyone and through being immortal you could definately do that.. watching out for them woul important as I think Bella wouldof dn that for arlie if she could not have been there for him

Thanks for sharing

G x
I would choose immortality. The reason why is so I could watch my children and family grow old and die. Even if it was from a far. I would also enjoy the traveling that I would be able to do. I wouldn't have a problem with being a vampire that I would enjoy, what I would have a problem with is going to high school again and again and again.

Do you think it would be painful though to watch your family die while you dont? You could travel so much more could you, which would be fun.. I guess repeating high school depends on your age, i'm not sure i could pull of 17 anymore all though i'd love to try lol

Thanks for sharing

G x
Hi GemmaJ

I kinda like your discussion! :)
hmmm good question
it depends.,.,

i will choose to die if all my loved ones are already dead and i would gladly face GOD, i want to join all my loved ones on the after life or if that place really exist i don't care if i have no one left in this world then their is nothing or no reason for me to stay. That's what it's supposed to be, we all are going to die.

i will choose immortality IF i have someone or something that holds me to stay. Hmmm i don't know yet what kind of thing that will be. For sure if that's love i would choose to be immortal for him If he is immortal too.

hmmm i'll add on my answer if i have time
hope to hear from others' thoughts too! :)


Thanks for the compliment and the comment

What you say is true.. if you had nothing to live for why would you stay when you could possibly be with the people mean the most again in the afterlife.

But again true if there was someone worth living for like Bella and Edward, then it would be worth while to spend an eternity with them

Thanks good insight

G x

you welcome!! :)


thanks for the comment any reason you would choose immorality?

G x
He would be saving your life absolutely right :) but now you face 3 days of more pain from the venon would it be worth it?

G xcx
me 2!! and imortal would be the right one if you could stay with the one you loved 4ever and always ...never to be apart!!!!!
Immortality if I was with the 1 i loved
Dear Gemma,
What a wonderful question.
Well the things I love most are my wife and my friends.
Also I use to love hunting Elk, Black Bear, and Mountain Lions. I did it 3 days a week every summer. I owned a cabin Tonto creek. But I hated hurting animals so I use to hunt with rubber tipped arrows that didn’t hurt the animals.

So I would enjoy doing that.
But the key for me would be who I would share eternity with. If I could be with my wife Honey my answer would be Yes. Or if I discovered that my Rose pals, had been nothing more than a vampire coven all along my answer would be, YOU BET! .


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