The Twilight Saga

During The Twilight Saga we here why each of the Cullens(except Alice really) were changed by Carlise, and aso Carlise's change too

Edward was dying of Spainish Influenza, and begged by Edward's mother to save him he did
Esme was dying broken from her suicide attempt, Carlise hearing her heart still beating in the morgue, seeing her, he saved her because he fellt love for her
Rosalie was left dying in the street after attack from her vile husband
Emmett was dying after a bear attack, Rosalie in seeing him knew she had to save him so carried him miles to Carlise
Carlise was attacked by vampire
Jasper was changed by Maria under awful circumstances, to be used to create an army and as a plaything
Bella Was changed as she lay dying from the birth of Nessie

My question is

If Carlise stood over you whilst you were dying telling you what he could offer you, life as an immortal would you take it? and WHY?
Would you choose death?

In the end of New Moon Bella puts her immortaliy to the vote and we learn that Rosalie says no, given she had no choice at the time of her transformation.
In Eclipse we hear Rosalie's story and understand the reasons, her husband and friends atacked her lving her for dead and never having a family, this is why she see Bella's choice as wrong, along with her's we hear Jaspers sads story of his change and abuse from Maria
In Twilight we learn about Carlise's change as he tries to continue his father's work in findig evil, in which he has a run in with a vampire who bites him, and Carlise crawls away into the dark transforming alone and frightened, he tries to commit sucide as Edward explains in many different ways, t turns his life around by hunting animals and using his profound sensesto save others.
In Twilight we hear about Esme's sad lose of a chils, her attempt to end her life was unsuccessful but Carlise heard her hear still beating and found his soul mate and saved her at the last possible moment, and of course there's Edward who's mother begged Carlise to save her son
All tragic events, but all wih happy endings as they all find their match in life

Remember that being immortal has its hardships, your thirst, and your possible loneliness, you would live as a Cullen being a vegaterian, but there can be happiness in the end of it all

This question is purely out of interest in what people think and i look forward to reading your thoughts



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Of course Doc, we would be there. We are family after all.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, i know your busy :)

That is the key isn't it, if there was someone to spend eternity with?!

Eternity is just that with no one to share it with, it would be a lonely place.. but i'm sure Honey given the choice would be right behind you

And if i decide to change my lifestyle or any other roses anytime soon, i'll be sure to tell you, as long as you return the favour

An eternity if your fab discussions quoting Jasper "I think we could handle that" although we may have to find more books:)

Thank you for sharing

G xx
Hey Gemma and everyone,
Nice question!!
Well if i were given a choice to choose either immortality or death, i guess i will choose immortality. By being immortal i can still continue to do many wonderful things and can be with my family and loved ones. Although being a vampire has many hardships to face through, i wouldn't mind as what Gemma said, there can be happiness at the end of it all !!

Great comment,continue doing wonderful things good point, do you think you could be around you family if they were not immortal too?

Happy ending what we all want right? :)


G xx
Hey Gemma
Well... Yea... Its true... Happy ending is what me,you and everyone want rite!! ^^
Perhaps i can change them into an immortal after being a vampire if they want... :) If they dont, i can at least still spend my time happily with them when they are around...
I would choose immortality. I would love to be eternally young-ish (at my age, I'm not young anymore, but not old, either!), and the perfected body and face would be lovely! Of course, that is the superficial side of me coming out, but most people, if they were honest, would prefer to be beautiful, right? Also, being super-fast and strong, and ultra-sensitive, and possibly having a special talent, would be very nice. As far as what I would leave behind, I have already had children, and nothing would ever be able to keep me from them, and better to live as a vampire than die and never be in their lives again as anything but a memory!. At least as a vampire, I would be able to continue to provide for and watch over them, even if it HAD to be from a distance. And I think if such a choice were offered to my husband, he would join me in it, even if he weren't dying!

Hey thanks for taking the time to reply

Superficial side.. would be a benefit would it to be eternally beautiful! wow, i like that thought.

and better to live as a vampire than die and never be in their lives again as anything but a memory! so true.. you could provide for them and b afar and more than a memory, maybe that connection to your children could help you newborn time like Bella..

Of course your husband would change if it ment spending eternity with his wife.


G xx

That is an excellent point, you choose death because there is that chance of being with your loved ones who had gone before so true, it is a good reason not to take immorality. I'm sorry about your nan, I lived with mine for 6 years and i dread her getting older, i empathise with you.

Being n Bella shoes does change the spin on things doesn't it?! Life would be worth living for eternity if you have a family and a loved one to share it with.. but if you could have them as a human life all of them and share one life with them it does seem enough....

Great answer

Thanks you for sharing with me

G xx
if i could have an edward i would chose to be imortal and do the best to be a good vampier.

What if you couldn't have edward? would that change your mind?

I think we'd all change for Edward cullen :)


G xx
Immortality or Death...

For me, I would choose immortality.

Personally, I always wanted to be immortal (vampire to be more precise), to know the feeling of living forever and never die. Through this i also could accomplish many things that I couldn't do during my mortal life, go on holidays, go for extreme sports and so on.... I would have the time of forever to experience new things. Though, I am fully aware that immortality also has it disadvantages, 'suffering from the agonizing thirst' and have to constantly struggle between the temptation of human blood to satisfy my thirst, I still go for living the life of an immortal.

Being a vampire isn't that bad for me because I know that if I learn to control my sufferings, I could live the life of a 'normal person' but still having a happy ending...


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