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All the girls at my school are "Team Jacob, i feel alone (waiting for my friend to get into the book) EDWARD IS SO AWESO?ME AND HOT!

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i'm still team edward, always have been and always will
I never was Team Edward.are you kidding uggg...TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!!
I HATE JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea............."HATE" is a very strong word to use. I dont 'hate' any of the characters, we all have preferences and different characters 'touched' all of us in different ways. Even tough I am Team Jacob, I respect everybody elses opinion and that it what makes this on-line group so great. But to actually say you 'hate' Jacob is beside me. You clearly did not understand the books, what SM tried to bring to us.
Team Edward forever, I cant believe people pick
a Dog over him =P
Amy,........ 'DOGS'.......(here come the insults again) are just wonderful, you just got to LOVE them. TEAM JACOB !!!
Still am and always will be Team Edward! He is perfect. Cool cake! You can talk Edward with me anytime you want. If all your school friends like Jacob, they can have him! Their loss!
i'll forever be team switzerland! i don't care who's the vampire or the werewolf...
Im Team Edward for sure after I read New Moon & Eclipse I was def Team Switzerland and then back to Edward for Breaking Dawn
I love them both....but if I had to Bella..I would choose Edward. I still get pissed that the story isn't true...I want my own Edward LOL
I'm Team Edward all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!. I dislike Jake very much. I wish I had my own Edward!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah...and I LOVE icecream cake...where's my piece? I'll take the Edward part :)


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