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yes there should be other books but i am exited 4 midnight sun

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I want it to continue!!!!
I never want the books to stop!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she should do all the Twilight books from Edward's point of view! Starting with Midnight Sun!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want the story continues but it is stephanie meyer desition
i wish there were unlimited books, i wish that instead of writing all the same stories from edward's prospective she would write new ones that had three parts. part 1: bella, part 2: jacob, and part 3: Edward.
i think she should definetly do more books!!!!!!!!! Stephenie is a GREAT writer!!! the best!!!
me 2
I wish it would continue.
I love that finally they're at a point of complete perfection where he can read her mind and the Volturi is leaving them alone for now at least, that's why i think there should be more, because I could read the books forever
i think these books should never end...does anybody know when the midnight sun comes out???
i hope... i wish... i wouldnt mind reading all the books in edward's perspective... i think it would be better, i mean more romantic... i soooo love midnight sun's draft already... imagine all the books written in his point of view... we will fall for him over and over again more!!!
I would love for these books to continue. To tell the story of Nessie as she grows older and how they deal with the relationship change between her and Jacob. Bella and Edward's life together now that no one is activily trying to kill them, I could love for all the books to be from Edwards point to view as well, and they could all be written from Jacob's point - maybe Twilight would be hard for that but Stephnie is such a great writer I'm sure she could think of something.
I'm not a big fan on multipul point of views, it always confuses me a bit, but heck yeah the books should contenue, I hate to stop reading Bella's story.
i totally agree that there should be more books in the series and the fact that yes breaking dawn it way to short


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