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edwarddd!!!!!!! YEAH!!

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erm.... well since nobodys seen jacob and bella kiss im judging it on the book so jacob
Jacob because his lips were everywhere on Bella's.
Well obviously it's Edward. Bella never forgot to breathe or almost fainted or had her heart momentarily stop from Jacob's kisses.

Plus, Jacob had to physically force her to kiss him the first time and threaten to kill himself to get her to kiss him the second time (guess she must not have enjoyed the first kiss, as he had to use emotional blackmail to get her to agree to the second one).

Edward never had to force her or trick her. She enjoyed kissing him.
i have to agree with shannon!you only have to think of one shanno said jake made her kiss him and she was begging edward for some more kiss without the limits thas edward had for the kisses!
Jacob definitely kissed her deeper and in way that Edward was unable without venoming her. But I say Edward because her was able to convey even more... even while being more careful. Thats something special.
Jacob wasn't as careful with her, but I think Edward was a better kisser especaily after she became a vampire (as said by Bella)


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