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edwarddd!!!!!!! YEAH!!

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edaward heck yeah
Whatever bloodsucker lovers, Jacob is better!!!!

he's lying about edward this time !!

i don't think bella REALLY likes kissing him.,
omg yes! lol. Jacob and bella's kiss was like so more passionate and full of energy! edward's kisses are like trying to kiss a wall with needles on it lol! i vote jacob's kiss!
I think that's only because there were so many kisses with Edward--you know true love and all--that since Jacob only got two, SM spent more time describing Jacob's than she did Edward's. So, I say Edward :)
they are both good at kissing her! :) But Edward for me!

I think Edward due to the fact that she is in love with him.
But now that I think about it I think they should kiss me and then I can decide.
lml i think jacob because day look soo cuite 2qether buh then aqain edward because they r ment 4each other
jacob all the way! he doesnt have 2 be so careful with her like edward has 2. just imagine eclipse.... lol :)


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