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Okay so I was re-reading the story of how the wolves came to be in Eclipse. It said that all the current wolves were direct descendants of Taha Aki. So that would mean that Leah and Sam are siblings. In Breaking Dawn it said that Leah couldn't be pregnant because she had never been with anyone since Sam. So there's the proof she slept with Sam.Going with that logic we can conclude one thing.......

Leah slept with her brother.

I am the only one that finds that disgusting?????

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LOL funny!!!!! But hey, its the volturi, is there anything they haven't done?
oh sweet!!! Good thing Bella can't have kids anymore!! I always knew Mike was a screw up!!! But seriously, Leah slept with her brother!!! Nasty to the max!!!!!!
yeah, its distant, but still, its the closest you can get to any blood relation to anyone in La Push who isn't in your imediate family. its just weird
No, u win. Leah making out with Alec tops it all!
WOW!!! that's siiiick
did they?

well, at first they didn't know they are.
true...but is gross...
Okay, I never really though of it that way That's weird
Jacob imprinted Renesme. That is also disqusting and weird.
I don't think it is..
it's not in a romantic way,YET....
Jacob's feelings for her is just like a protected little sis,YET...
so it' not that bad..I think..

oh no...
that is a total yucky...
i mean, we are in the modern days right?so marrying your own brother is a yucky thing...
we are not in 15th or 14th century...s'not accepted anymore..
and is a total GROSS.



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