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Okay so I was re-reading the story of how the wolves came to be in Eclipse. It said that all the current wolves were direct descendants of Taha Aki. So that would mean that Leah and Sam are siblings. In Breaking Dawn it said that Leah couldn't be pregnant because she had never been with anyone since Sam. So there's the proof she slept with Sam.Going with that logic we can conclude one thing.......

Leah slept with her brother.

I am the only one that finds that disgusting?????

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2 do it wid ur bro is nasty bt wat makes u dink dat dey r brother n sister? Cuz i dont get it how dat happens n i read eclipes 2 times
They are very distantly related. Yes, they are direct descendants, but the Taha Aki story goes back centuries, so yes they are related, but its so distant that it shouldn't really matter.
but, considering their bond in the pact...
isn't it not that nice? remember what Jacob told Bella about
Leah and Sam?
He has to see that through her eyes every day and he would blame
himself to know that it was true....

No you have to think if Taha Aki had 2 sons and they had two son each and they had two sons each and a daughter, those sons and daughter....... they would not be brother and sister, They would have been cousins, and distant cousins at that!! which in some cases even today, people study thier family tree, they would find out they are related to people they did know they were!!


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