The Twilight Saga

call me stupid but i forgot how carslile got changed and what his story is! can someone please tell me what it is? PLEASE?!?! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! your very kind people!!

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right this is basic and just simple. he gets changed by a vampire in the london sewer when he is on a hunt fro vampires for his father. he hides juring the transformation then wen he finds out what he is he tries to kill himself. he ends up trying to starve himself but then deer goes past his hiding place and he feeds of them. then he when into education and whent over to itlay when he met the volturi and spent sometime with them. but he dodnt like the way they hunted so desided to go to america. then he becomes a doctor at the hospital were edward and his mother are ill. then edwards mother dies and tells carlile to do what ever it takes to save her edward. edward becomes iller and then disies to make edward a vampire then not shortly after he creates esme, rosalie and emmet then i guess u know the rest 


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