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Maybe it's because the pace just SEEMS slower, but I am really CRAWLING through Eclipse. I started reading the series a week and a half ago and sped thru twilight in 4 days, New moon in 3... i have been reading Eclipse for two or three days and just can't get hooked. Did anyone else have this problem? I'm on Chapter 11: Legends. I think I am just mad because she's making me wait so long for the action.... hmmmm am I crazy for not being able to get thru it as easily?

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For me it felt like that too untill about just over half way through, when it gets interesting!!
ahhh! ahhh! ahh! No more spoilers! lol STOP THAT! :-P I'm getting to the good stuff, I am at chapter 14 now, and stuff is actually getting ready to happen. UGH............................................. I am so trying to get this read by the next to days damnit!

Does anybody notice that Stephenie Meyer uses a lot of the same words in her series? Like, incredulous, chagrin, and "holy cRow?" I have never heard that phrase in my life! Holy cow, yes, crow? no. Is that a northwest thing?
well i am on chapter nine but yea im truggling in it as well
yea this one is the slowet one but keep readding it its good i am reading it as well again for the 1000 th tiimes lol
mmmmmm I had that problem 4 like a day.....but keep reading it andu will get rewarded!!!!! really u won't be dissapointed! It really gets better....
well i finally finished it, and i have to say, it was sort of disappointing. Eclipse is my least favorite of the saga. :( But now, to Breaking dawn!!!


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