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Maybe it's because the pace just SEEMS slower, but I am really CRAWLING through Eclipse. I started reading the series a week and a half ago and sped thru twilight in 4 days, New moon in 3... i have been reading Eclipse for two or three days and just can't get hooked. Did anyone else have this problem? I'm on Chapter 11: Legends. I think I am just mad because she's making me wait so long for the action.... hmmmm am I crazy for not being able to get thru it as easily?

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it gets better
I liked that chapter! I think it's Stephenie Meyer. She takes WAY too long to get to the plot and then she just blows it off in the last couple of chapters. But I guess she still writes good...
Eclipse was my favorite book in the whole series! Keep reading. It gets better!
The only book I had a hard time getting into was New Moon, because I kept waiting for Edward to come back, but when I read it again I liked it a lot more. I never had a probably getting into Eclipse though.
my problems have nothing to do missing Edward or anything, I just hate waiting for all the action to happen! It gets kind of boring after a while with all the banter and the other stuff while you know something is lingering in the background. GRRR!!!! lol
eclipse is my favorite one.
Each book is different for everyone. I struggled threw New Moon. I read Eclipse in one day. It is my fave. (next to Midnight Sun). But you are getting to the pivotal point in the book. Just keep on reading. Very soon the Vampires and Wolves get it on.
love it my mind goes to the gutter to
well i finished the book for 3 days.... actually this is my 2nd favorite...
I didnt struggle through eclipse at all actually it took me the least amount of time to read eclipse though it was not atall my fav but new moon was my least fav
yeah i just wasnt hookedd in the begining i just wasnt hooked so i put it down for about a month and picked it up and got through it in about a week im in breaking dawn now and im on chapter 10 book 2 jacob and i just dont like that part so ur not the only one
Once you get through the legends, the action starts happening. I like Eclipse because of interaction with Bella and Edward you don't get alot of that in the first two books.
ya i know the ledgens part was like....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzz......zzzzzzzzz!!! right? i mean every chapter that was revolved aroung Jacob was like that. just like New Moon!!! just Jacob......Jacob.........Jacob......Jacob .................but then you just have...............more.............JACOB!!!! i love Eclispe because of all the communication and interaction in it and then those romantic parts were just.............AHHHHAHHH..........romantic! and then i loved how Edward Proposed i just can't wait for the movie next year!!!!!!!!!! Twilight and New Moon were nothing like Eclipse AT ALL!!! it gets really good on Capter 12!!! trust ME!!


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