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who do u love more the adorable jacob or the hott edward???

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EDWARD!!! No offense to those who like Jacob but lets admit it.. Edward is better than him in so many ways..:)
I ♥ the adorable&hot ♥EDWARD♥

As if Edward doesn't call Jacob names! "Dog" "Mut" "Pup"
it just sounds so much harsher coming from jacob
Jacob can be sweet but most times he's just annoying! Edward is amazing!! Team Edward all the way!!!:)
EDWARD.. he isnt an arrogant werewolf.. he wouldn't do anything to hurt Bella... in new moon he sacrificed his feelings so Bella could be safe.. he didn't know it wouldn't work out. Where as Jacob doesn't even think about what he says...
Anyway, in the book and film Edward is the one with 'god' like looks.. Jacobs just you're average 'kid'.. (lol)
of course the hot edward...
not the hottest!!!
Jacob! Edward grosses me out. He's over 100 years old -- that's just creepy. And although he LOOKS 17, people always say it's what's on the inside that counts. And on the inside, he's an old man. Besides, Jacob is really funny and really sweet and really nice. And he's more realistic.
at first i was team edward. but now for some reason, i am starting to like jacob. i still prefer her to be with edward, but i dont hate jacob as much. so i guess im still team edward haha
EDWARD! He is hot, patient, caring, patient, perfect. Jacob is disrespectful, immature, manipulative, and annoying.
Team Edward- he's hot, mysterious vampire, truly in love!
Edward of course. Jake is sweet but Bella was meant for Edward. Plus Edward can do so many things and he takes care of Bella so well. And he's more fun. And his family is so wonderful. TEAM EDWARD.


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