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who do u love more the adorable jacob or the hott edward???

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jacob all the way cuz edward left bella and jacob was her teddy bear where was edward???
also cuzi think that bella should have chosen jacob cuz she knew that he would protect her better tahn edward cuz edward could easily crush her without a warning but jacob would have to start shaking and bella would have more time to get out of the way and let jacob cool off but edward would kill her without warning and when edward crushes her head and the blood starts pooring out he will suck her dry ok so i am team jacob all the way
Edward, he's selfeless
edward is WAY hotter with a capital H and that dosent even begin to cover it i cant say enough about how cute he is i just cant get it all out TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! Totally Team Jacob. Jacob is so wonderful and and keeps getting hurt over and over again, because he would do ANYTHING for Bella, and he STAYED!!!, that shows real character, love and determination.

TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward is sweet, caring, thoughtful, protective and RESPECTFUL, he never asumes what Bella wants he always gives her choices and NEVER forces her to do anything she wouldnt want to do (except birthday/graduation parties - no harm there)! Edward also does not insult or cause her any grief over being friends with the werewolves after he decided to trust Bella. Edward is Selfless! Jacob forces himself on Bella and manipulates her every chance he gets, then know matter how or how many times Bella asks Jacob to stop insulting the Cullens he never stops. Jacob NEVER shows respect to Bella! Jacob is Selfish!
Edward treated Bella like she is stupid, Jacob has real personality, OMG there is no question about it. Jacob has been completely selfless, he did everything for Bella, he put her back together he NEVER left, he would fight for her always, he has character and he is beautiful, so...........what are you talking about? TEAM JACOB...always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

both of them
Adorable JacoB!
Team Edward all the way
People chill out! Theres nothing wrong with picking team edward, or picking team jacob!

I'm Team Edward- Is there a problem with that team jacobs? well keep it to urself
the hott edward of course! i hate jacod he is such a......... big wolf with a big mouth! he is not cute! edward is the cutest of all the twilight saga characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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