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Who out there LOVED it when Bella was "kidnapped" and Edward had a bed in his room waithing for her, that was soooo romantic, what are your thoughts?

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Me!! Edward is so adorable like that. He knew Bella would be spending the night and didn't want her to sleep on his most likely extremely expensive couch. I thought it was so cute.
hahah :)

i love this scene, so sweet!

edward is really romantic :) too!!
this scene is my fave either!
they're so sweet!

on that part..i really wished i was Bella!!

LOL!! !X))
SAME HERE!!!!!!!!!!! she was soo lucky, he is such a sweetheart!!! lol XD
yea i know me tooo. it was so sweet for edward to get her a bed, then to just let her slep on a couch.
and yes edward is romantic....VERY!
it's one of my fav parts in the book...that was sooo funny when she practically got all horny on him and he's like ", not yet." rlmao!!!!!!!!!!haha BD
i totally agree wit u!!!!! to tell u the truth i wud have been just like her! i wish I was her
i agree. 8 )
I love the sence is one of my favorite.
Love it!
i like the way bella thinks she gets to conclusions without thinking sanely, but this time, me too i thought like her , i said maybe he'd changed his mind. But my favourite part is when he understunds why she tries to make everyone happy (Alice with the wedding plane, Making Jake happy............. he wants to make her happy too by giving her what she wants but it was too late she was raised to do evertthing right and also stephenie meyer wanted to extend the story and bella didn't refuse we wouldn't have breaking dawn
It was so sweet and romantic


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