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So in Eclipse the movie, Edward states that the night in the tent with Jacob won't make his top 10 favorite evenings. He said that his number 1 was when Bella agreed to marry him. What I was wondering, was what do you think the other 9 were? He said they were all with Bella, but they have had quite a few good nights.

So if you want, post on here the other 9 evenings that you think made his list. 

I saw the movie again a couple nights ago and it just got me wondering.

Thanks guys, and try to get creative. 


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he says what his top favorites are in the book but they only get to talk about a few of them.
this is the list straight from the book (i found this part when i read your question haha i don't know this stuff off the top of my head):
1. the first night he stayed in bellas room
2. flying home from italy
3. the night after italy
4. when she agreed to marry him


i wonder what the others ones are...i'm not sure!
wow, i completely forgot they had them in the book. wait, i thought this is bella's list.? because his top one was when she agreed to marry him.
I agree with what Sara said and also:

5. When he meets up with her in Port Angeles and they go for dinner.
6. In the book when Edward gives Bella the crystal part for her bracelet. (The movie did it differently)
7. When Edward saves Bella from James and she wakes up in the hospital and wants to come back to Forks.

8 & 9 I still have to think about, not sure..........
And in Breaking Dawn he tells Bella that their wedding night was the best night of his life so it then goes to number 1 replacing the night he proposes.
That is a good point..


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