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Who has wondered how much Stephanie Meyer related her real life to the Twilight Saga?
well i do know a couple of things 1. seth (she has a younger brother named seth and same personality as his )
2. how her siblings were car fanatics ( thats how she chose cars for the cullens) and
3. her trip to forks which was where she started writing the Saga.
My main question (the whole love triangle in twilight) do you think SM could possibly be the real Bella??

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she mentioned how bella's a seperate person to her. on the dvd extra she said how she fell in love in a very normal way unlike how bella fell in love with edward

its a very interesting question, but she also said she never saw an edward. who knows..maybe shes just saying this and she may be the real bella lol :)
the trip to forks she made after she had already written twilight or because she was writting it. She mentioned that she needed to find a place for the book to take place where there was hardly any sun. She googled the rainiest place in the U.S and the Olympic coast came she chose Forks.
Thats the thing,,,real inspiration from real life...makes one wonder...*hmmm*
that would be awesome to have a life that is twilight, and that would be cool if she IS bella. but i kind of doubt it because of what she said in the movie extras.
well ofcourse ..all celeberities, authors, vip's wont really admit to everything to the general public..its just an assumption...^_^


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