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I know i was hoping for a fight between the two of them because it would have just showed even more how much they both love Bella. I would have been on Edward's side during the fight.

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I'm actually pretty surpised they didn't get physical with each other!...NOW that I think about it.... But I was soo into the emotions that were going on in the book that I didn't think about it while I was reading the book! I loved Eclipse!
I think the way it came out in the book played it better..But yes I would so like to see a fight hehehehe...
I was totally expecting a fight that would have been awesome but also sad because it would have made bella upset.But then again i know that that really isnt how Edward deals with things and he would never have wanted Bella upset. jacob totally would have him though.
I have to admit I was HOPING for the fight, but deep down I knew it wasn't going to happen... it's not Stephanie's style and it would have messed up the relationships with Bella. So even though I was looking forward to Edward knocking off Jacob's block, it played out better than I expected. KUDOS to Steph :-)
A little i have to admit, but i dont get why jacob cant leave bella alone...
No, actually i did not. If you think about it Edward is over a hundred years old....and he and Bella have been thru a lot, so Edward was more than sure of Bellas love for him and Jacobs "cheating" in a way. Plus Edward did say that if Bella chose Jacob he would stand aside and let her live however she chose.
I was hoping that Edward would break Jacob's jaw!
But I wasn't expecting Edward to do so. Because Edward loved Bella too much that he knew it would hurt her to fight with Jacob.
I wasn't expecting/hoping for a fight because Edward just wouldn't do that to Bella. He knows how much she cares for Jacob.
of course i WILL be on Edward's side if this kinda fight happens. However its better off without the fight thing, since both guys are strong, i think only Bella will get hurt (not literally) over the fight..
for expecting that it would really really happen..and im surprised by Edward's reaction to that..:)
i was kinda expecting a fight, but then when i read edward's explanation about why he didn't fought jacob was very reasonable, so i may not like it if they fought, so it became like i'd like them to fight but another side of me said they shouldn't fight

but in a lot of ways i wished that edward would get jacob out of the picture so he and bella could get on with it but on the other hand jacob was such a big part of bellas life that killing his character off would have destroyed hers completly. i think steph made a good choice in the way the book turned.. i personally think that if they did un up fightin ...jacob would win.=) it would have added a nice twist to the story tho;)



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