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Edward Didn't even care!!! Edward Just let her be!!! THAT GOT ME SOOO MAD!! how about you? What are thoughts about this? Also, What did you think that Edward Just didn't go and KILL THAT DOG?!?

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I think that the way edward is that he would have to have some care because it is his girlfriend and I dont think he would like it to much if someone kissed his girlfriend.
He did care he did said that he wished she would have not have ask him and probably even if she had not asked Jacob would had kissed and now he didn't have an excused to break his jaw. Maybe he didn't make such deal of it because he knew he would be fighting for her too..
Edward still wanted me to be with someone else before I was sure I wanted to be with him and yes Edward was stupid for not getting mad at me but I still love him!!!!!
You're so funny! Naming yourself BELLA CULLEN and replying as if you're her!
I think that a part of Edward wants her to pick Jacob so that she is "safe" Edward only wants what is best for Bella and if she decides that he is not the best thing then so be it. I think Edward cares on the inside he is just not showing it because when she decides who to be with for the rest of her life he wants it to be her honest choise. If she never saw what life with Jake is like than it wouldn't really be a fair decision.
Yep i absolutely agree. He loves her so much and wants her to be happy. He wanted to make sure that she knows whats like to be with jack. Before she decides who is her true other half.
yep.. I thought that he would get mad.. I mean, he was going to kill him when Jacob kissed her for the first time---
-sigh- Sometimes I wish Edward wasn't so gentalmany and able to smother the less pleasant feelings so well. If only he could have broken Jacob's jaw anyways. D: But I suppose that he's so gentalmany that he doesn't care, really what Bella does, as long as she's safe and happy. Or maybe he was just hiding it. ;D
it annoyed me so much that he didnt react as if u wouldnt!!!!!!
I think that the reason Edward didn't react when Jacob kissed Bella was because, even though he loves her over the top, he still wants to give her a chance to have a normal life as a human. And, even though Jacob is a "Shape Shifter", he is still human. But, Bella truly only has eyes for Edward.
Edward was mad at Jacob the first time he kissed Bella because Bella didn’t want to kiss him, that’s what made him upset. He wasn’t mad at Jacob that time because Bella chose to kiss him. I was annoyed that Edward wasn’t mad…but it was so classically Edward. He just wanted Bella to be happy, even if that meant her choosing Jacob.


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