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wendy also did this

i used to hate her soo bad cuz of the reasons she used to hate bella but when i read her story i felt soo bad... but still i dont kind off like her but i understand her side now

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I definitely felt sympathy for her and saw her form a different perspective.
I think it has a lot to do with who she is now. After she told her story, I loved Rosalie even more. I would have killed all those jerks just like she did, no questions asked.
I look at Rosalie with new eyes and her story IS can that guy do that to her?
i feel pity for her :( i mean how could that royce do that to anyone?
I felt bad for her when I finally read her story...but I still don't understand why she hates Bella. Because Edward didn't "notice" her beauty?? Is she serious? How can you love someone like a brother but then want them to think you are beautiful and desirable in that way? Get over yourself honey....
I felt so much remorse for her. But, that doesn't change the fact that Rosalie is vain and proud of it. *shrug*
I found her story heartbreaking. I definaly looked at her from another view after that story.
i still dont like her but i do feel bad and it kinda suprised me a little
After reading her story I liked her so much more, It provided a great insight into her personality and the way she behaves towards not only bella but her family as well.
I felt sorry for her, but honestly, if she wasn't so full of herself in the first place, she would have probably dumped Royce first chance she got. Geez, he's such a jerk.
i felt horrible, surprice and sad alll mix up into one emotion

i would had killled them just like she did without thinking about it twice
Hearing her story made me understand her better but, it didn't make me like her anymore. I was shocked at what happened to her and I have sympathy for her but she still treated Bella like crap and almost got Edward killed. And in Breaking Dawn she treats the whole situation like it's about her getting what she wants and doesn't think about Bella at all. You'd think that she would rethink some things after being a vampire for so long.


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