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Think! Did you like it or what? Think about that Edward was in the room!

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omg i absoultly hated it but i loved that edward let jacob no how he felt and all and then i loved that jacob said at least you know she wishes it was you and then i love wen edward says if i could have done that for her last night it wouldnt have made the top ten best nights of my life dream about that mongrel i was histerical laughing arms up in the air just like ohhh suck it jacob
That chapter is actually my favorite chapter out of ALL FOUR books. I absolutely love it! There's so much tension and both of them are trying to take care of Bella and they really are just open with one another for the first time. It's so intense!! I love it.
I love it!!! I feel bad for edward and all but its fun watching edward get all jealous when jake starts enjoying himself it shows even Mr. Perfect can feel jealous and insecure
i think it was cool because edward couldn't keep bella warm but jacob did n u could tell they were going to get along sometime in the sotry went they were laughing after bella fell as sleep and i love the cobersation between edward n jacob they totaly click
I don't like having Jacob near Bella.I dislike it if Bella dreamt of Jacob. I dislike Any contact of Bella and Jacob. LOL. OCD! LOL!
I was not so mad with Jake moves since Jake wanted to warm Bella since she was feeling cold,after all Jake wanted to protect her,but it was so annoying the way Jake offered him self to do it what he has done and how many silly thinks he said just to upset Edward!If i was Edward i would probably ripped him or something but i can understand why Edward did not made anything because as Jake Edward wanted Bella to feel better,one,and second another reason Edward didnt wanted to hurt Jake is because he didnt wanted to hurt Bella feelings.
haha i like in the morning when edward said: But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the best nights of my life. Dream about that.
that was really cool
I think that he was pushing his luck to the limit by saying "you'll warm up fast if you take your clothes off" he was being so mean to Edward. If Edward wasnt there i dont know what he would do to her. He was so mean. If he could get Bella to kiss him think about what he could do to get her farther.
i hate yhis part because i'a a little jealous
i think it was a good add to the book. while i was reading it i was like any time edward is just about to go off.
i liked it because i like jacob, but that would suck 4 edward. plus it gave jacob the wrong idea. but i loved the conversation that edward and jacob had. and it made bella warmer.
that was fricken awesome. haha. i enjoyed reading that entire chapter very much.


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