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Think! Did you like it or what? Think about that Edward was in the room!

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i hated that part. but its incredibly wonderful when Edward let Jacob in his head. when bella was sleepy and all that.

i love knowing edward. like i really have no idea what he truly feels..

i wonder how stephenies mind works... =))
yes i agree! that's my favorite part in the book! I just love what he said about how he truly love BELLA!
It's what you do for love. Jacob saved Bella from freezing to death. There was nothing Edward could do to help her himself, so he made a sacrifice by letting Jacob keep Bella warm.
I agree he wanted to be the on to keep her safe and warm but he couldnt so he allowed Jacob to be the one to do so. It was hard for him to do and you can tell that from the beginning when Jacob even thought of the idea. That scarifice only made him that more noble and more unselfish which I thought was impossible by that time.
yeah i hated that part too!!!!
i love knowing whats edward thinks!
thats why im soooo excited for midnight sun
I did not like that part at all. the only part of that scene that i liked was the conversation between Edward and Jacob.
I'm not sure what I thought about it, really. On one hand it makes Bella uncomfortable and Edward angry, but on the other hand it probably helps toward Jacob's infatuated love. And, before Breaking Dawn, I have the tendency to feel really sorry for Jacob :(
hmmm.. i think it's kinda sweet though, coz that's for Bella's sake~
but i just wish it could have been Edward beside her though not Jake.

Let's just make Jacob enjoy that moment for awhile, coz we all know that He'll never get her. .
Edward and Bella Forever!!!
i hate jacob. for doing that. if that seen comes up in teh movie- a important scene- i will close my eyes for usre. i hate it when jacob twisted his words on bella just so he couldhave her
Thank god he was there! BUT he sure wasn't fighting fair, Edward knew he could not do what was needed and Edward knew that he had to let this happen to save Bella. So hard for Edward to deal with and remain calm, I think thats why he allowed himself to answer Jacobs questions. Distractions remember...Back in Twilight he asked Bella to talk to him so he would not go back and kill those men....same here.....if he was able to contain himself and answer Jacobs questions then maybe he wouldn't leap right there and then and RIP HIS HEAD OFF! What he found was .....he uses this time to really let Jacob in and explain what and why he feels the way he does about Bella and the choices he has made. Edward knows Bella and knows what choice she will make, Edward and Bella are two pieces of a whole. I like it in the end when Edward gets to rub it in a little..."Dosen't even make my top ten"
Sound like you are a little sensitive to the fact that Jake is this close BECAUSE Edward put her there!
Aurora's comments on right on target. I couldn't agree with anyone more. Jake never had a chance of a life with Bella. She would of never been happy with Jake.


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