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the whole book is my fave part too haha...

no just kidding i like the part in the tent, when they fought Victoria and Riley, when Edward was [always] being all romantic, those good parts that make you want to keep reading, cuz they just make ur heart soar =)
i like the part where bella punches jacob, because he is stupid.
I really love the part of the book where Bella is "sheepish" about asking for her final HUMAN thing she wants to experience. I LOVE the message stephanie is conveying here. I mean it may not be the same message that girls this day and age at that age in thier lives would follow, but it still is a good message non the less.
That and I loved the tension between Bella and Edward!!
the bit when he comes back of the hunting trip and the whole disscution in the bed especially "slepp my bella you are the only person who has ever toched my heart, it will always be yours, sleep my love." and when she punches jacob it made me laugh :D
That was sooooo Romantic!
I loved the part where Edward officially asked Bella to marry him. :)
especially the little discussion they shared in bed. [amazing]
My favorites part of the books are when Edward asking Bella the rason that she dont like the bed, and then when Bella punch Jacoband Edward tell him "she is mine", the other part was the engament. and the last one was when Bella tell Edward that he has to fight back after she kissed Jacob ¬¬
i like the part when Victoria and Edward fight and when edward proposes to bella
I like when Jacob kisses Bella. And Jacob was all like "I kissed her" to Charlie, and he was all proud and smirking about it and whatnot.
i LOVE everything, but if i had to choose, it would be on page 460 (i know it because my friend mentions it like everyday) when edward proposes. then i like when jake kisses her. i'm all for team switzerland, so i'm happy that both guys got their special moment with bella in this book!!!!!
When Bella tells Edward about the first time Jake kissed her! That was great!
hmmm.... i would have to say... probably.... the intmate snenes i guess. mostly because twilight and new moon were all innocent, and i think in eclipse is more mature. and i like that. but i guess in general i love the hole thing. its my fav book


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