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In eclispe my favorite chapter has to be by far, Compromises. It was so exciting reading and I was on the edge of my bed hoping he would give in to her as she was trying to seduce him. You could really feel how much she wanted him and how much he desired her as well and especially the proposal. He was so cute as he asked for his conditions, you would never find a man nowadays thinking like Edward. Im just in love with his character.

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I like Compromise, Fire and Ice, and the epilouge
thats one of my fave chapters........
why are you in the discussion boards if you dont like them. It seems like your wasting about of your time on negative energy why dont you just go do something or read something you do enjoy.
yea those are all great!
my favtor chater is when bella and edward get ingaged to be marryed.
compromise and fire and ice
I agree with you 100% on that!!!! n was great like u said i jus really wanted him to give in..and i found their love for each otha just great...ALSO U CUDA FEEL THEY WAY TO FEEL ...JUS BY READIN THA WORDSZ..
Ohhh! well I really looove Compromise!!!! all that u said! I was just like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! OMG! all the time buuut I think my fav one it's TEMPER!!!!! OMG!!!! when they are in the couch!!!!! and all that AAAAAAAAA!!!! breathtaking XD.... and just one more.... jejeje I love the part in Needs when edward says to bella... deal's off.... page 617 hehehehe when he is all for doing.... hahahaha..... and when Jacob says to bella " the clouds I can handle. But I can't ficht with an eclipse"!!!! on etichs..... well to put it well I think... COMPROMISE!!!!!
I am going to have to re-read temper do not remember it too much. I know how you feel
Ch. 22,Fire and Ice....i like it mainly because thats when edward lets jacob in his head..especially the part when edward tells jacob the 4 options he had when he first realized he loved,why can any of us girls find a guy like that?
Because they do not exist. LOL


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