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When WAS the best time for Bella to be turned into a Vampire? The first Fire and Ice decision !

Introduction: A question of perspectives: At the start of "Eclipse" Bella and Edward are argueing. Bella wants to be converted into a vampier within days of her graduation from high School. (Carlisle has promised Bella, that he will comply if that is her decision.) But Edward would like for Bella to have experienced "going to college first." If not for all four years at least for one year!

Question: No. 1. If You had been Bella (at that moment) when would you have wanted to be converted into a vampire ? (and why)

Question: no 2. In "hind sight" would you have made that same decision?" (and why)

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic, to help us both understand the "Twilight Saga" better, and to enjoying it even more.

Most Sincerely, your friend
Doc B

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If I had been Bella I would have wanted the same thing I would have wanted to be changed as soon as I graduated from High School. The reason being is because she knew soon enough that the Volturi would be coming to look and see if she was human. Plus I wouldn't want to be older than my boyfriend but if you wanted to get technical he was already older than her.

I would be the same way as Bella was I would want to be just like my husband so I can be young and beautiful and to be able to live with him for the rest of eternity.
Question: No. 1. If You had been Bella (at that moment) when would you have wanted to be converted into a vampire ? (and why)
Question: no 2. In "hind sight" would you have made that same decision?" (and why)

I would have also agreed to the after graduation. People would have been suspisous if I'd have taken off any earlier. I still needed to get my affairs in order so to speak. It was a compromise I could live with. I could not and would not let people think that the Cullens had something to do with my disappearance if I was turned before graduation. I had to keep up the charade for Charlie's sake. To give him some peace of mind. To let him believe I was going off to school, to know that I was happy.
I think the only reason Edward really objected was the fact that he did NOT want to see me in so much pain for the 3 day conversion. He could remember his own pain from so long ago. He had watched Esme, Rose and Emmett"s painfull transfermation, he couldn't bare to have me go thru that. He loved me enough to want to keep me human, and I loved him enough to want to be a vampire so we could be together forever. One Lifetime would never have been enough. He completed me as much as I completed him, we would have been together no matter what. I was a danger magnet, I was a fragile human, I knew too much. I knew I could NOT remain human for long and that just wasn't good enough. I had to be with Edward FOREVER. I had to be a vampire the sooner the better and graduation wasn't that far off.

I think I answered both questions.
As always these are only my thoughts, looking forward to everybody else's.
Arrgh, I had a great post typed and lost it!

If I were Bella, I would want to be changed at the first opportunity. Bella wanted to be able to love Edward as an equal and she wanted to be able to live in his world without the dangers that came from being human.
Bella actually wanted to be changed from the beginning in Twilight. She wanted Edward to have let the change happen when James bit her. After the devastating pain of being apart from Edward in New Moon, Bella wanted the change, so she would never be separated form him again. And in Eclipse, her desire has intensified because of the threat from the Volturi and Victoria.
At no time do I think Bella would have ever regretted her change in hindsight. I think she may have felt sadness at the loss of her relationship with Charlie and Renee- and later Jacob- but I don't think she ever would have regretted changing.

I do think it is interesting that when Bella is finally changed, it is in a situation that will save her life. I think it had to be like this for Edward. Edward was always so concerned about "taking something away" from Bella- her human experiences, her family, and her soul. He was always appreciative of the fact that Carlisle would only change someone to save a life. If it Bella had been changed under any other circumstances, I think Edward would have been the one suffering from regret.
My favorite trick use to be to compose my discussions on G-mail on my laptop. And I don't know how it use to happen, but I would go typing away, adjust this, re-write that. And then when I had it just the way I wanted it. I would scan up and down the paragraphs, say too my self it's just right. And smile and hit spell check and a reply would come up YOU WENT OFF LINE 45 MINUTES AGO all the work you thought you were doing during that time wasn't really being done. And then my discussion would just fade away!!! As I would say Noooooooo! Then I discovered that Microsoft office came with my computer and those days are over. Thank Goodness.
Un-Bearable posting problems.!!!!!

Dear Leah, I agree with you and Tara. It was fortunate though that things happened as they did. And Edward and Bella would never have to say, "What if?" Bella ended up getting both married and changed into a vampire, the CULLEN way.
I agree with Bella's frustration at being helpless with the constant danger she seems to be in. I also agree with Edward and Rosalie's viewpoint, no one should choose their life over a fullfilling human one, it isn't natural. Though, Carlisle is right, obviously Edward has chosen not to live without her, to the only conclusion is to inevitably changing Bella. Edward was right to insist that she finish high school, go to prom, even get married. She doesn't grasp the changes completely yet, so he is trying to force her into living her life. There are different beliefs as to why she took to being a vampire so easily so fast. Aside from Meyer's BettySue syndrome, I believe that she was overly prepared mentally. She had been hearing for two years how bad she was expected to be and then was able to suppress the expectations. Also, the morphine probably helped close off her mind to suppress the deadly urges. Others had a second to comrehend what they were becoming, Bella had two years. If she had been turned at the Ballet Studio, before graduation, or at engagement she might have reacted differently and not been helpful in protecting herself. Also we would not have Renesmee if she had been changed earlier, a completly different argument I won't get into now. Edward wanted her to live before he killed her because he wanted her to make sure she was making the right decision, though again, there was no other option since they couldn't live without one another.
Meyer's BettySue syndrome... please forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by the "BettySue syndrome?
BettySue it a fiction term. It applies to a female protagonist that is well, Bella. She is ordinary, normal, intellegent, things go well for her, she gets the guy without giving anything up, has few sacrifices in life. sorry, I can't think of the other character descriptions. I learned it in one of my literary classes. It is a character we are meant to relate to but also want to be because our life will never turn out that well.
Oh thanks.... I think that is what makes this story and others like them so interesting and captivating because the characters display "BettySue" characteristics. We know the characters in the story and the intensity of the relationships are fictional. I am not suggesting that true and intense love does not exist but I think it is the extra fictional aspect of the story that keeps us wanting more. :)

Dear Brittany, You make an excellent point. Having been a surgeon for years I found that the vast majority of decisions weren't black or white for patients. There always seemed to be significant risk/benefit decisions to make.
And thank you for teaching me what a "Betty Sue character" is. I love the way our group has so many members knowledgeable in different areas. It really is a joy to participate.
Thank You Doc B
The best time to turn into a vampire would have been graduation, before the wedding and honeymoon, so that way he wouldn't have hurt Bella that much, if you know what I mean ;) The Volturi would soon be coming after her if she wasn't human and that would not have been a good thing. I would have made the same decision, because I would have been doing it for the man I love, and I would want to spend all of eternity with him. True love never dies, as I always say.
I think Edawrd shld"ve turned Bella right after she told him that she wld marry him bt then we might not have a BREAKING DAWN.
Twi crazy

you right Breakong Dawn wouldn't exsist if he would of changed her then. It wouldn't be right

G xx


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