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When WAS the best time for Bella to be turned into a Vampire? The first Fire and Ice decision !

Introduction: A question of perspectives: At the start of "Eclipse" Bella and Edward are argueing. Bella wants to be converted into a vampier within days of her graduation from high School. (Carlisle has promised Bella, that he will comply if that is her decision.) But Edward would like for Bella to have experienced "going to college first." If not for all four years at least for one year!

Question: No. 1. If You had been Bella (at that moment) when would you have wanted to be converted into a vampire ? (and why)

Question: no 2. In "hind sight" would you have made that same decision?" (and why)

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic, to help us both understand the "Twilight Saga" better, and to enjoying it even more.

Most Sincerely, your friend
Doc B

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Kirstie, good points on Nessa. I too am thinking that the Vulturi will eventually come looking for the Cullens. At the end of BD Edward mentions that the Volurti might try to kill them off one by one. But I am not ready for the series to end so I am hoping that Stephanie decides to write more about what happens after....

Jacob imprenting on Nessa was weird to begin with in my opinion. I can understand why Stephanie wrote it that way, Jacob gets to be a part of the family.

Oh, I was angry about the pregnacy at first. I thought Bella was being somewhat selfish to continue in the pregancy not knowing the outcome. But I thought of her as selfish in Eclipse for stringing Jacob along.
This is why I hope they make BD into multiple movies so maybe they can show what happens next..

Some really good points, I can understand that why you didn't lke the pregnanty, not eveyone did. It is going to be hard choice with Nessie ans Jacob later one with phasing etc, but do you think he'll ever be able to stop as he'll always be around Vampires from now on? Tere is the possiblity that Nessie wot choose him although it is most likely that she will, if they had children then i think that would have to mive from the cullens for Jacob to be able to control his phasing.

I think that the Volturi were always going to be a problem without Nessie as they would still maybe see the Cullens as a threat by the growing of their family what do you think?

If Nessie and Jacob did have Children they would be another being completely with Vampire, human and werewolf DNA combinded they could be some force of strength as Jacob's father believes that they imprint to make better wolves maybe the supernatural world is changing and i new breed later on will be the outcome of Jacob and Nessie What do you think?

I totally agree with you they would definately be some spectacular books would they

Thanks for such and interesting comment

G xx

Question: No. 1. If You had been Bella (at that moment) when would you have wanted to be converted into a vampire ? (and why)
If I was Bella at that point, yes i would of still wanted to convert to a vampire after graduation. When Bella was bitten by James, she was in pain yes, but we know she wishes that Edward had not saved her, she would not be able to think of her family then, because it was already done the decision was made for her and even though Edward would of felt guilty that he had not saved her, i think that once Bella had changed he would of been happy, they would of been happy. but obviously there would of been the complication of Charlie and Renee but could they of said she had died, like Jacob suggested they might in Breaking Dawn. So Edward saved her, gave her more of her human life. I agree with Bella wanting to change after graduation, even though her relationship is stronger with Charlie, she still lives in hope that one day she'll control herself like the Cullens and be around Charlie once more. Bella sees her life as Edward, that is why for her there is no better time because thats all that matters and as i've said before her life began when she met Edward and its even more of a beginning once she's changed and her and Edward are equals so to speak.. To me and too Bella, she'll have time to graduate many times over, her human life relly doesnt matter, she'll gain so much more for changing or that is her view, Edward's disagreement with her change there is so many diferent conflicts for him, hurting her, her being in pain, the idea of possibly destroying her soul which he feels he has already corrupted it. Also for Bella a thought of another birthday would not go down well, the memory of te last one would always be painful because it too Edward away from her we saw how hard it was for her to be older than Edward even though technically she isn't, but as in general in realtionships the guy is older than the women, and we women can have issues with looking old :) So i think that after graduation is perfect, she is not expected to be seen every day by Jessica, Angela etc, not daily connections except Charlie, which i'm sure they would of delt with that possibly like they did in the end of Breaking dawn, telling him she is ill. Also Bella thinks alot about the Cullens and what happened at her last birthday and knows how uch it's some what of a struggle for them to be around her with that temptation always lingering around her, i'd want there life to be easier too and cahnging me would do that.

Question: no 2. In "hind sight" would you have made that same decision?" (and why)

In Hind sight, i assume if i knew what would happen at the end of the story? Then no, i would of. With the idea of my life completed by Nessie, experiening my honeymoon and wedding being the blushing bride etc, then no i would of changed it, the battle with Victoria would have been more difficult for the cullens with me changing ang them all wanting to look after me, as at the time they would not know what my behaviour would be like, i couldof been like Bree for all they had known. Also there is Jacob's happiness too, without Nessie Jacob would never of gotten over Bella's change and the treaty would of been kept to and a war between the pack and the cullens, Nessie changed everything and i would have wanted her more than changing then would be the tim to change just as the story was written

I really hope that this makes sense


Sorry its late
I surely would want to be changed into a vampire as soon as possible. There are too many problems arising such as 'the volturi' problems and Bella finds that she could help by being converted into one of them...

In real life, I would definitely want to be changed into a vampire as soon as possible because every minute that ticked away counts and I would like to stay young forever...
I probably would have waited because i would have wanted Edward to change me. IN the mercy of the book though waiting was her best choice because with having reneseme she isn't going to feel bad because she chose Edward over Jacob because now he has what he has always wanted. Which is someone to love him for who he is with no one tugging in the background.
An excellent point. Plus if Edward turns her later. She would have her whole family with her especialy Carlisle. When Edward ask Carlisle what her "survival chances were EVEN IF she were turned into a vampire. Carlisle says "only 50/50.
Thx Doc
1. I would have want to be converted into a vampire after i was healed from James attack me. Yes i would have made the same desision


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