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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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Oh yeah, I was pissed beyond hell. I don't blame BElla, because I knew it was Jacob taking advantage of her weakness. That is another reason why I detest Jacob Black...well, did, before BD.
I agree with Cathy. Yes she loves Edward, but she also loved Jacob in her on way, not the same as Edward but LOVE nontheless. I think with all that was happening, with so much pressure and stress that it made her very emotional.
That whole part of the book from them planning her hideout in the forest to the meeting with Italian gang is my favorite part of the story.
I could not believe what I was reading, I would never have thought Bella would do that. Poor Edward! What was she thinking? But at least she could rule Jacob out with no doubt, no regrets
i was PISSED! i couldnt believe she would do that to edward. edward took as nothing but we all know deep down he was hurt and just wanted her to be happy. i also cant blame here because the whole time he was gone she was with jacob gaining a stron friendship. :]
I loved it! It's so Bella. She has a sporadic mind and is plain, old indecisive when it comes to things she wants. She knew ever since New Moon that the moment was going to come (I believe if, in New Moon, Edward hadn't called impersonating Carlisle on the phone, Jacob and Bella definitely would have shared their first kiss then.) Edward expected this much, and was very patient (although I would love to know what he was thinking, I mean, really, thinking at this point.)

I have absolutely no problem with her kissing Jacob, she did love him afterall--the kiss was all it took for Bella to finally come to that inevitable realization. And it's not like Bella loved Jacob in any way close to the way she loved Edward. Two completely different types of love--entirely.

Afterall! She's only human!
i was PISSED. when it said the part about how she realized she'd been lying to herself- i was like NO BELLA! DAMMIT NO! but that didn't make me as mad as when Edward hugs her & she says she wished it was a different set of arms. that reallllllly pissed me off.
i was crying! ughh how dare jacob do that! and bella kissed him back! i am not mad at edward i think that he handled in a very mature way. plus you can never be mad at edward
Edward will always feel guilty for what he put Bella through--remember? this is the only reason he likes Jacob Black, because he helped her through this time and also he saved Bella's life. But I think Edward owed the patience he had to both Bella and Jake while Bella decided what made her happy--even while Jacob was trying to swoon her over.
I was mad, but I was really excited cause I wanted to see Edwards reaction!
I was mad that she kissed him back because that is soo unfair to her fiance at the time.. I wasnt really suprised that edward didnt get mad cause that is how he is he loves bella and wants her to be happy.
I can't say I was furious, but I was pretty mad. Jacob was trying to take advantage of Bella and mess with her feelings. When Bella starts o love Jacob back, it crushes Edward inside but its amazing how much he truly loves her because no other man would put up with that- especially from their worst enemy!!
OH YEA! i was super mad! i really dont like jacob that much so when he kissed her i got soo mad! then when bella kissed him before the fight, that just really ticked me off!!!!!!!!


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