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was anybody totally mad when bella kissed jacob b4 he went to go fight the newborns.
and edward...I cant believe he wasnt mad that his fiancee kissed someone elsse, but then again he just wants her to be happy.

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I wasnt too mad because Jacob tricked because HE IS A STUPID MORONIC OBNOXIOUS DOG AND USED BELLA'S LOVE FOR HIM TO KISS HIM....I just wish Bella wouldn't have fell for it.
Yes I was mad, that's my husband! Ha ha ha ha!
I threw my book at the wall when Jacob kissed Bella. haha. :)
Oh can't stand that she kissed Jacob, and then Edward wasn't even mad about it!
Wasn't it rather JAKE who kissed Bella?? I mean, I was more angry at him than at her!! Grrrrrrr Jacob! :( Very glad it was only a kiss though, could have been worse. ;)
But what was Bella going to do when Jacob finally imprinted on someone?
I was soooo pissed off when I was reading that part in the book I was so close to throwing the book at the wall. Especially when Bella was saying that she saw their whole life together when they were kissing. And then I was even more upset when Edward is like "You love him, you can't control yourself." HE WASN'T EVEN MAD!!! if I was Edward I would've punched her in her face. But I guess he looked more upset in the movie than they described in the book. And then I was mad when in the book, Bella starts kissing Edward and tells him to fight back and to call her every name in the book. So, that whole part pissed me off.
yeah me tooo when she said she saw their whole life together i was like FURIOUS. i bet edwards was mad inside.
oh, me too, I was sooo mad... I kinda understand that she didn't have another choise at that time, but still, poor Edward

I got soo mad i wanted to rip the book but i love my book, so instead i put a mark where it starts until the end and then i do as if it didnt happen it doesnt change it cause in my mind i know that it is there but its better than reading it, i suffer, and want bella to suffer for doing that to edward  even though he "didnt care" because i imagine inside him he was soooo jealous...and i  get even more mad at her when she starts crying like a baby with edward there and then hes like..well maybe you should choose him. ! aghhh from that point on i dont know but i dont see their relationship the same as iff she cheated on himmm... 

I was furious!!! I thougjt about Edward and what this betrayal would do to him. I was very disappointed with Bella.

I wasn't ever mad with Jake or Bella. I believe he should had his chanse with her!

One part of Bella always loved Jacob, so that part was completely satisfied at that moment! Think  that part to revolt at the wedding for example?! 


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