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Soo..well i think that eclipse is one of the best books in the saga..and has the best moments in Bellas the propusal of Edward....ok so come and comment about ur fav moments.....

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I have 3 favorite moments one is went Alice kipnaps Bella ( the bed part) 2nd went Bella breaks her hand by punching jake.3rd the 2nd bed part went Eward ask Bella to marry him.
I would have to agree...all my favorites as well :)
my fav moments toooooo
Those are my favorites(especially the bed parts!!!!!) :) I also really liked the meadow part. Edward's amazing!!
these r all my fave moments also!! omg! i think these r alomost every1is fave moments lol
.hahah :)

i also LOVED this top 3!
but i also like the moment in the tent, :)
these are all the best parts
The proposal.
My favorite moments were the Meadow scene at the end 1st. Kidnapped bed scene 2nd, proposal bed scene 3rd.
yeah, mine is pretty much the same
The next moring after the "Tent" scene. Remember this is not a direct quote but something like...."Im glad you had your fun but remember whatever you thought was so great didn't even make my top ten best nights of my exsistance." It was just so "In your face" and "take control". As understanding as he had been throughout this book, at that moment you could see that...he is still a vampire and you really dont want to see what I can do!
I thought that was awesome also,If I was Jacob I would of got pissed also.It was like damn that was cold!!


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