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Who else thinks that the twilight magic was ruined by this whole Bella being in love with Jacob? give me some details

I just finished the book which i was dreading reading it beacuse i had heard that Bella fell for Jacob and i know i wasnt gonna like that, i loved the first book it was so romantic and devoted but Eclipse ruined that for me i know she still chooce Edward at the end but i think the whole process of it was very cruel and it was all caused her Bella, she didnt respect her boyfriend/fiancee, didnt even want to marry him which seems absurd since she wants to pretty much die for him what does she care what others think if she is not even gonna be around anymore, she should have shown a bit more devotion, and she was a big tease to Jacob and cruel to Edward I would have frozen my ass before i let another men sleep with me that way. i just feel that it ruin the magic love between Edward and Bella in the first movie, and i feel that she only chooce Edward cuase she had no choice but that her wanting was more towards Jacob, especially when she tells Jacob. -i saw our life and i want it bad, jake i want it all. i want to stay right here and never move. i want to love you and make you happy and i cant and its killing me, its like Sam and Emily, Jake i never had a choice.-, to me that was very cruel and it made me think that she loved him more.

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yep I felt the same way when I read it. Actually every time I read it
The book cover almost ripped off. I read the series quite a few times and every time that kiss came, Eclipse was thrown at something. The magic is not TOTALLY dead. About 90% is gone though... Breaking Dawn brings the magic back. Except when Bella almost dies :( If Bella didn't love Jacob, he wouldn't have imprinted on Renesmee. I start to like Jacob in Breaking Dawn though.
well, for me it makes sense because a relationship without challenges is boring!!!lol

i mean he just made life difficult and love hard for edward and bella. and she is devoted to edward.
if you can remember, bella really fell in love with jacob in new moon, that was when edward was not around. she was just fighting the feelings back because she wanted to hold on to edward... she had just realized it in eclipse when she (maybe) felt she was going to lose jacob soon.
i like challenges in love process as it helps to make the love stronger but i still am little bit upset with bella...she shud have been more considerate of edward's feelings...if he can always be selfless for her...why cant she do the same....she shud very well know in new moon it self that her love is for edward only and even if it means to the end of her life...jacob can only be and will ever only be a friend...and i dont like it that jacob is so disrespectful towards edward...owhhhh
i didnt think it was too bad.if she ended up being with jacob instead of edward-then that wouldve been horrible (no offense jacob)
but edward left..he came back but bella had had this friendship and a really strong connection with jacob and something was bound to happen from this,
when u think about it, edward made a mistake by leaving and even though he came back, things couldnt change back to the way they were b4, because things change.she fell in luv with jacob-this is probly what wouldve happened in real life,
there was a part of her that new it the whole time but she left it aside and avoided it and then it seems ridiculous when u 'all of a sudden' find out she was in love with jacob ...sorry this doesnt really make that much sense
I wanted to throw my book through the wall it made me feel like she didn't choose Edward. Almost like she had some imprinting going on. She is supposed to love Edward and for her to keep hurting them both irritated the crud out of me
NO, I don't think it was ruined, there always has to be some obstacle to make a story more intriguing. I like the way it all turned out that Jacob was the rebound guy in some ways, with out him how else would Bella survive, the story might be too dry if there wasn't another love interest involved after all the whole saga is a love story and story of inconvenient hard to live with out love. Besides, reading through that parts where Bella falls in love with Jacob you will always know that she will end up with Edward anyways and at times during the book it makes it even more appealing how Edward reacts to her relationship with Jacob, he gets jealous but is so understanding because he loves her soo much.
i donmt' agree at all jacob healed bella. and it was natural for her to love him. it created so much more tension in breaking dawn and without it jacob probably wouldnt have stuck along as long as he did
i know right!!! but it's the whole i love you but i'm not in love with you thing-i guess. i was getting mad all of eclipse because bella was going to jacob hahaha. buuuuttt. yeah. totally agree.
yes but then again i think that if the whole jacob conflict wasn't in eclipse it might have been more boring and jacob had to be in the book becuase of the werewolfs
I don't think it was ruined, but intensified, the love triangle, and it made everything better in the end, but you'd only know that if u read breaking dawn, so read it again and think about what happened the right way, the better way.


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