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My favorite is Seth from the pack. He is so nice and friendly!

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Ok, so I love all the characters from Eclipse. My favorite I would have to say is Edward and Seth. Edward for just being himself, and for always letting Bella choose for herself and not forcing himself on her like Jacob. Seth is one of my favorite characters out of the series because he is the only wolf pack member to understand that just because the Cullens are by NATURE are the enemy that does not neccessarily mean they actually are. The wolf pack is so prejudice against the Cullens that it drives me crazy. Jacob is a hateful person and spolied. Seth has a great heart and ability to understand and look beyond someone's apperance. I truly DISLIKE Jacob to the fullest.
Team Edward and Seth all the way!!!!!!
I like Jacob the best. And it's not just because he is a main character. I have my reasons!
Well I have two favorites,Alice nd Edward.
My favorite character in Eclipse is Jacob!!!! He so cute and really sweet to bella even though he acts like a jerk in the book sometimes he is awsome!!!! Team Edward and Team Jacob!!!
Seth Clearwater
My fav is Jasper and Alice all the way,I like how in this book Jasper is the hero he teaches how to defend and kill the neborns I like how we get to read about his back story and how he met the coolest girl ever,Alice
ofcorz alice !!!! as always ..
i'll go for seth.. and jasper..

i love the part.. where edward and seth.. teamed up.. to fight.. victoria nad the other new born (i forgot the name)
Seth or Jacob!!! i love the whole Tent part!!! i laughed so hard!!!


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