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My favorite is Seth from the pack. He is so nice and friendly!

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Renesmee is awesome but she isn't in Eclipse, she is in Breaking Dawn. My favorite character in Eclipse,besides from Edward and Bella, is Jasper. I loved that he had a bigger part in this book, that we heard his story and that he taught the wolves the vampire moves and how to defend themselves against hte newborns.
i dont think Renesmee is already in eclipse...
well duh
child abuser
My favorite character (besides from Edward and Bella) would be emmett he is sooo funny!!
hes hot but your not
my fav is Jacob..he's jet so caring of bells !! He's the sweetest!! I wish my boyfriend was as sweet as Jacob LOL :)
you have bad taste
i don't think jake is sweet... yeah he has a good sense of humor but insensitive & selfish..
well besides Edward bells and Jacob..I'd have to say alice and emmet!! (:
y do u like jacob the best


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