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I just wanted to know the. :D

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im with u on that 1.annasophia seems like she would be like leah or some1 like that.i really cant picture her as jane.i think dakota is doing a good job. =^)
maybe it's what we can't see in dakota that makes her perfect for the part...when i say we i mean the people who gave her the part. idk.
I totally agree! Dakota is a great actress and she could play a great villain! All they need to do is dye her hair and she's set!
you've got a very good point, if she messes up though, which i doubt she would cause she's a great actress, we have all the more reason to hate her in the movie. lol
Any ideas on who would play her brother? That would be my concern. Any twin actors out there?
i think that even tho' dakota is not exactly the height that might be desirable i think its going to be her acting skills that are really going to wow us... because i am soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward in seeing that.. she has to be a vicious lil' thing and im interested in seeing that play out
yeah i also agree. she's much much better than annasophia robb. i dnt lika annasophia.
I think Dakota would be good as jane, she just has that look about her and she's a good young actress. She could definitely pull off the part.
1. Dakota Fanning looks too young (10 years old) but that may work to her advantage in this role.
2. I don't think she can pull off Jane's personality, yet we will see.
3. Jane is black skinned! (look it up)
I also thought that Dakato Fanning wouldn't be a good Jane, but that's because when I think of Dakota Fanning I think of the little girl from War of the Worlds. I looked up pictures of her now and she looks so much older, she is 15. I'm actually starting to warm up to the idea of her playing Jane. She may really pull this off and I'm really looking forward to it. This is an article mtv did on Dakota Fanning getting the part, look at the picture. She doesn't look that young anymore
yeah. she doesnt look that young anymore..


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