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idk...its soooooooooooo hard *sigh* its so hard
Edward but only by an inch and only because they can't live without each other and are soul mates. My theory is that wolves imprint and these vampires seem to be destined to be with someone too. That would be impossible to deny. But giving up what Jacob can give her would be hard.
Of COURSE Edward. and Bella knows that she will chose him!
like bella said she never had a choise! it's jacob that shouldn't exist.
Edward .. But Only For The Fact That Jacob Would Of Had To Leave Because Of The Whole Imprinting Thing
I never had a choice either... it was always Edward, from the beginning. But is still hurt to see Jacob suffering so much. I think Stephanie did things right by Jacob when he finally imprinted. The guy deserves his happy ending as well ;-)
JACOB all the way!!!
if i chose him, i wouldnt have to give anythin up
and i wouldnt have had the feeling that i rushed into things
because the relationship would have grown off of a friendship
i also know that jacob could have kept me just as safe and happy as edward could
and jacob would be less serious and more fun to have around
i agree jacob seems much more open and fun 2 be around and hes really kinda like edward in some ways-cee
EDWARD DEFINETLY. theres something abount Jacob that I hate. I wouldn't have even thought of Jacob while answering this.
Me too. There is just something about Jacob that bothers I loathe and I don't really know what it is.
I love Edward all the way.Jake is so immature,selfish. I never liked him to say the least. Edward was willing to have any kind of life he could with Bella. Remember Edward's conversation with Jake in Eclipse in the tent? Edward was willing to stay with Bella thru her entire human life because her loves her so much. I just don't think Jake was meant for her.
Edward - it's no contest.


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