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yeah it wasn't right after only what, 12 hrs. ago she agreed to edward's proposition of marrriage, and then kissed jacob.
but still, they loved eachother and at least deserved one moment like that together...
and also i dont know about some people but i totally saw that coming!
though beleive me i am a team edward/ team switzerland....

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you deff qoht no life
actually i do. lol. that's why its still worth living and why i still breathe this air, that unfortunately, you breathe as well, which almost makes suicide appealing. XD

im a happy person. lmao. ok, im kidding about the suicide thing. and don't immediately think that im team Jacob cuz i was team Edward but then went to team Switzerland.

yeah ill admit, when i read that kissing part, i screamed and was pissed as hell. duh. but then when i looked deeper into the story and looked more at Bella's perspective, i understood a little better.

i personally wouldn't have kissed him. XD i mean like character wise. but T L is totally sexii so yeah. XD

anyhoo...why the heck are people still replying to this?!?!?! Its been like months!!!!!!!

hahahhaa. oh defenitely!!!! XD

lol. that's perfect...hahahahaa!!!!!
she should hav not kissed i mean u cant even really promise to come back alive and if she really needed to kiss him it shouldnt hav been tht long


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