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i read somewhere that they are changing the scene where robert leaves bella. instead of her being in the forest and wondering around, they are going to just do the whole scene in her bedroom. i will be really dissapointed if this is how it will be. it really adds to the story and how upset she is. this would also mean that sam wouldnt find her... : ( well tell me what u think. and if u know if this is true.

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I don't know if its true
where did you read this? on what page
i think the part in the woods would really add to that misery especially when she gets lost in the woods later.
I don't think it would be that way (check on you tube) there is a short scene of that (a couple of sec)
i read it on a web site that had an exert from the script that was used for auditions i think
maybe its not that important after all
it would seem more melodramatic but I'm sure they'll figure it out ...somehow
I have heard that, but I think the movie will be loosing a big part of the movie because the woods and her wondering around in them trying to find Edward sets up the idea of how much she wants Edward to stay.
wat is the name of the video ur talking about, on youtube
They should keep Edward leaving Bella in the forest.
Omg they have to the forest seen..i mean that really shows the emotions she is feelings because when she lies on the ground in the rain its like you see the bwginning of her break down..Also you begin to get in to the story of the wolves..because charlie is like your right the res boys do know the forest better..
they canot change it, cause sam uley cannot save bella in their room
it better not! if so i'll be pissed off the wall and freakin out like hell
Sam the wolf, then the person.....must be in the forest. Were is the search.
Charlie would not be as upset because his daughter was dumped at home.
The search for her is such a key and who finds her and how he finds her.
It is stated in other books too.
OMG this better not be true or I will seriously be gutted!!!!!
That's what I said about the "meadow scene" in the 1st movie, and she (KH) managed to screw that up royally!!! From what I've been able to see from the different interviews, they seem to be sticking more to the original story. At least this director has read the books...


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