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Alice starts designing Bella's wedding dress ? What do you think Alice's goal was ?

New Moon relevance. As Bella and Edward returned by plane from Italy, Bella was afraid that Edward would leave her again. Edward knew that only death would ever seperate them again. And Alice knew that she had to design the most important dress she had ever created. Bella's wedding gown. Stephanie Meyer repeatedly gves us glimpses as to what Bella's wedding dress looked like. Example "She fastened the long line of pearl buttons as the satin quivered. (In the on going "YOUR JOB Is To Pick Out The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress For Bella" contest. multiple participants have raised this exact question.

Questions: By putting together, all of Stephanie Meyer's hints about what Bella's dress looked like, how would you describe what Bella's wedding dress really did look like ?

We are looking forward to learning your answer.

Most sincerely.

Doc B

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The contest will be going on for 7 days if you would like to enter,
Most sincerely, Doc B

You guys all have such beautiful dresses. But the contest is being held at another discussion site. It would be a shame not to have your beautiful dresses entered. So If it wouldn't be too much trouble if you could repost them there then everyone can have a chance to see and enjoy them,
Thank you,
Doc B

Somthing like this its only a 1807 style wedding dress but i think looks okay you just have a imagin Bellas face(above) in the dress
Oh ya thats my entery

Here is one which I like and is by (HINTS) close to the description of what is suposed to be Bella's gown
Her mother said that she looked like she stepped out from Austen pages (Jane Austen) so definitly is NOT a huge pooffy dress (I'm big fan of Pride and Prejudice and I know exactly how Elisabeth's dress looks)

and this is the back of the dress

this is my second choice

and Jane Austen main caracter ,Elisabeth Bennett at her own wedding
this is awesome!
omg this is so beautiful..... i agree with you on the choice..

Excellent point
Thx Doc b


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