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Alice starts designing Bella's wedding dress ? What do you think Alice's goal was ?

New Moon relevance. As Bella and Edward returned by plane from Italy, Bella was afraid that Edward would leave her again. Edward knew that only death would ever seperate them again. And Alice knew that she had to design the most important dress she had ever created. Bella's wedding gown. Stephanie Meyer repeatedly gves us glimpses as to what Bella's wedding dress looked like. Example "She fastened the long line of pearl buttons as the satin quivered. (In the on going "YOUR JOB Is To Pick Out The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress For Bella" contest. multiple participants have raised this exact question.

Questions: By putting together, all of Stephanie Meyer's hints about what Bella's dress looked like, how would you describe what Bella's wedding dress really did look like ?

We are looking forward to learning your answer.

Most sincerely.

Doc B

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I think as Alices gift gave her a chance to know people better than they know themselves at times.. Edward and Bella particularly. Even without her gift she knows that either one will do anything to make the other happy. After Italy, she knew that niether of them could be apart from each other again, and their love would bring them together not just in immorality but in marriage too, even if Bella did hesitate, it was always going to happen.

Alice being the gifted designer that she was, she knew what would look good and suit Bella to wear but also what would suit them as a couple.

Bella is old fashioned in many ways as Edward is(even though technically its not old fashioned for him). When Bella pictures herself in her dress she sees, Anne of Green Gabels not a Cinderella dress, she also like simple beauty. Edward a man in 1900's would like the idea of Anne of Green Gabels as he is so set by his views of marriage i m sure he would like some vintage feel to their wedding.. Not that I think he wouldn't think that Bella would look good in a bin bag

Sorry to babble

I really miss these discussions!


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