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If you look at IMDB's New Moon cast page ( It says AnnaLynne McCord is rumored to play Heidi. Do you think she'll do a good job? I think she would, she's very beautiful. Tell me what you think.

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wait whos heidi again?? is she sams wife?? if she is then noway that chik wont be good....!!!!
she's one of the volturi guard. The one who looked like a hooker coming back from getting all the humans when bella and edward were leaving the dungeon place.
She's playing the one at the front desk right?
No, the one at the desk is human, Heidi's a vampire.
is she the one that creates some kind of bond between ppl?
hmm i always thought heidi wasnt imporatnt .. and i still think so!!
i dont really care because she only would have a small role in the movie so it doesnt matter to me


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