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Are Bella's "Visual Hallucinations" Of Edward, In "New Moon" The Movie, A Good or Bad Idea ?

For some time we have known "something different" was going to be added to New Moon (the movie) to "increase Edward's presence." Having seen the pirated scene which shows that Bella not only has auditory hallucinations, she also has visual ones, we know what they did to give Edward a greater presence.

Do you think that the new idea, of Bella being able to see Edward when she hallucinates is a good or bad idea ?

Oh yes: And why?

Most sincerely,

Doc B

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Excellent opinion. By his being partially hazy, the audience would know that only Bella thinks she sees him.

Your friend,
Doc B
BAD, i think that its not good i thought that just a voice would be way better the way she sees him appearing near her looks daft i think especially in the bike scene!
i think the ideas pretty cool it wwould be amazing of what she sees of him . But also is anyone looking forward to see the dream she has on the first and second page about her gran?
I am, I think it will be one of the best parts.
I think they should stick to the book on everything.
Bad Cuz This Story is Mostly Between Jake And Bella && Not Edward, so he should only be in the Movie Wen It's Bella's Party and During the Thing That happend in Italy && Not Wen Jake's Spending Time Wid Bella Cuz Edward would Ruin The Moment
GOOD.. cause i really want to see Edward.. actually when i read the book i really missed him, and now, im really happy cause i can see him a lot in the movie, so i dont have to wait for him 'till to the volturra scene..
i really like it... and i cant wait to see the movie...
I think the movie folks changed it for 2 reasons-----

first visual hallucinations for me will translate better to this big screen movie than her hearing his voice and

second---hello, uh, more visual of Edward to satisfy the fan base and the overall balance in the movie, his presence is always felt in the book.

In the book, for me, he was always there in her soul, always. This will just translate better, I hope.

I know there are Team Jacob folks out there but I never felt...ever...once in the whole series...given a choice between the 2 she would leave Edward for Jake. I know she loved Jake, and its revealed nicely in Breaking Dawn why they needed a connection, but she was steadfastly, always going to be with Edward....
Dear Siobaham,
Excellent point "His is presence is always felt in the book...For me, he was always there in her soul, always." I felt exactly the same way. I really like Jake. And I believe in Bells and Jake's affection for each other. But I always felt as if Edward was always part of the story. How would you have felt had you been Bells and looked up and seen Edward standing there ?
Sinserely, Doc B
I think its a BAD much work to be faithful to the books!
I Think it's such a good idea to put Edward visually! beacuse yeah WOW when u read the book u imagine him there somewhere telling Bella not to do crazy stuff... so if in the movie u weren't able to see him it would be a drawback because the movie it's supposed to be better on the visual and it supposed to make u see a loooot of the let's say lost part that u just imagine!.... sooo I don't think I explained myself sooo well but... my point is: It's sooo good they make it more visual, that way we can all take the same trip or experience that Bella it's making through this whole thing and we can like get depressed and have that longing and yearning of Edward sooo we all feel the same and enjoy it all, and I felt that Edward's presence was always there, and he was such an important part of the whole story and even of the conection that grows betwen Bella and Jacob.... and.... XD I LOVE ROB PATTINSON!!!!! XD soooo that's a very very good thing, that they put it more i mean XD..... but besides that it's more important that we all have that visual experience of the longing of Bella, so we can have that feeling more present too!


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