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Are Bella's "Visual Hallucinations" Of Edward, In "New Moon" The Movie, A Good or Bad Idea ?

For some time we have known "something different" was going to be added to New Moon (the movie) to "increase Edward's presence." Having seen the pirated scene which shows that Bella not only has auditory hallucinations, she also has visual ones, we know what they did to give Edward a greater presence.

Do you think that the new idea, of Bella being able to see Edward when she hallucinates is a good or bad idea ?

Oh yes: And why?

Most sincerely,

Doc B

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I'm not sure if they are going to have it so she actually "sees" Edward...I think the visual may be for our benefit. (at least that is what I am hoping). I think if they make it so she thinks she see will make it all the more bizarre. Hopefully she just hears his voice...and we get to "see" him speaking as if he were there with her. Although....if you say you saw the "pirated" scene....then I guess my hopeful thinking is a total waste of time :(
Dear Carrie,

I had a crazy day. Saw the pirated video one time, on my small computer. And really wasn't sure what exactly I was seeing.

I am going to take a close look at the pirated scene tonight on my home computer. And study what they are trying to portray.

But since this has been the "big decision" the producers have been hinting at for the last three months, I knew our group would want to discuss it.

If you missed it, here is the link,

Your friend,

Doc b
Dear Mallorie,
I agree Roberts presence is so important. Why do you think they are changing the actor who portrays Jacob for the next two movies ?
Your friend Doc B
Dear VaLeRie,
I saw a New Moon trailer on the big screen, before Harry Potter movie. It blew me away. I enjoyed the two minutes of "Twilight" more than the two hours of Harry. Hurry up November.
Your friend, Doc b
Dear Valerie, ,
"Intensity" I think you are exactly right. To match the book, the visual is more, not less like the book. Hey (help me) do you think most female fans will find Jacob more attractive in long or short hair ? He looks so different to me, but I'm a guy.
Your friend, Doc B
i think it's a good idea coz if they didn't, we wouldn't have much of Robert in the movie and it would have been really a shame for Rob's fans and Edward's fans as well!
and i think they brought edward in the movie this way because they couldn't afford loosing (edward/robert)'s audiance!
so making him apear more often in the movie contents everyone....well that's just my POV!
Dear EFC
I liked it. Edwards words were so powerful in the book. I think on the screen seeing and hearing is actually more accurate in duplicating the book. How would you (as Bella) have felt looking up and seeing Edward standing next to you ?
Your friend Doc B
well, i don't know, i think i would have been under shock!! for sure, and i would have mostly reacted like bella in the way that i wouldn't have talked about it to anyone not even my bestfriend, and just like her i would have tried to find ways to have more hallucinations but i wouldn't have gone to extreams like jumping off a cliff...
Total Shock, And Excellent point!
What do you think was really happening with Bella ?
Would you have shared it with Jacob, or anyone ?
I think that its a great idea!! In the book u can tell she see's him and im soooo glad that we get to see him in the movie! When I read the book I imagined seeing him so im very chuffed! And im not saying this so we see more if Rob/Edward because the book has him not in it very much so there we go hope that makes sense!! lol
Dear Twinerd,
Chuffed: Definition "delighted". D...n I had to open my dictionary to look it up.(Well done, Stephanie is smiling) When you read the book "you saw him in your mind's eye" I didn't think they would have his vision in the movie. Did you ?
Your friend Doc B.
I think they can show Edward by having him there only transpernt or hazy so the people who haven't read the book ( which is very sad ) can understand that he isn't really there, but they can actually see him and understand that he is there to Bella. Also to help understand that Bella is freaked out by what was happening to her.


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