The Twilight Saga

Because I love you all so much...Here are some pictures from the new moon set....luv ya all x x

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that is the complete scan book, of every pic!
OMG if I wasn't pumped for New Moon before, I am now!!!
LOL...yeh... luv ya all x x x
Wow is all I can say. Thanks for sharing
No probs hun x
Thanks for the pics! I can't wait to see the movie!
any of you want to talk to me you cna im me at
i can't wait until new moon cames out and i am reading new moon book again
i love the one when edward stands in the woods with the long coalt!!!! he looks so dreaming!!!
omg i love them!!! :D... tired of waiting... ahhh...
Glad you liked them... x
LOVE IT.......LOVE IT....... LOVE IT thanx:-) Dee


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