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I heard that there's a possibility that Taylor Lautner will be replaced as Jacob in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Jacob has grown a lot in Eclipse and Taylor is obviously not that tall. Jacob should be bigger than Edward. What can you say about this? huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

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yeah...but taloy is such a good jake...(sigh)
totally right
I'm surprised there isn't a way they can change his height through editing.
Excellent point. Isn't Tom Cruz 5 foot 1 ? There have always been lots of short male actors. Maybe the chemistry between he and Kristen wasn't as strong as they had hoped for.
As soon as I posted that ,I remembered that he did a good job of acting in "Twilight" So that shouldn't be the problem. That leaves his and Kristen's "chemistry."

Surprisingly when casting editors put, what they think will be excellent couples together, some times they just don't fit. Other times couple you might think wouldn't fit are just perfect together.They look like they would be great together. Well we'll know in November
are they crazy? the new guy would look nothing like how ppl see jacob now. if they fire taylor i will be sooooo mad ( i hate it when movies do that )

actually no coz i just dont like Jacob but taylor is Jacob a new one wouldnt be better actually! I bet they dont do it
he won't be replaced in eclipse, they start filming in 2 weeks. He had mentioned some stuff about buffing up even more for his role in eclipse, at comic- con.
really? that's good.:)
ya he won't!
no.. taylor is good with this role
i think its true.... there's no doubt dat taylor's da best but he needs to fit into da physical appearence of da character too... no offence...


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