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i love her!!!


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she looks
little red ridding hood in her evil form! lol
hahha i was thinking of a character that looked like her in that dress and i can't remember who now i know

little red ridding hood.,.,.,
more like little black ridding hood now lol
me too! :)
loool, gd description

yeah , she looks scary, the eyes ! whew !!! im excited to see what will the volturi looks like ..
she really dose look like an evil little red riding hood! AWSOME
her eyes gave me goosebumps!

very creepy indeed!
yup!!i m having goosebumps too!!..shes perfect for the part!!
like she was born to be jane and jane was created just for her!!
so true..when i found out that dakota would be playng the role as Jane..i was like..
"OMG!this is gonna be good."

.i tried to picture her in my mind..and man!creepy!,,even creepier with the actual picture..!...i think ill be terrified when she comes out the movie..and man im waiting to be


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