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I did, he was there for Bella when Edward wasn't and i felt sorry for him, it seemed like Bella was just using him for company because Edward wasn't there =(


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I didn't. I started to like him in Breaking Dawn.
i did too!
Nope..Still didn't want him with Bella
i did!!
only for a little bit, because for a while i thought she might be happier, but i soon changed my mind again!
well kinda... i began to really like jacob in new moon but not for bella just as like a friend.

and then in the third book when he is fighting for her i felt bad b/c she just completely left him for edward even though edward left her ( i still wanted he to be with edward though)

and then the fourth book i liked him b/c you really see that he loves bella
i DID I'm so for Team Jacob.... but i still like Edward =]
Um no! I almost didn't want to finish New Moon because she was so depress and Edward was not in it. But I have to admit it became a little interesting when Jacob changed.
i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I agree with you. I don't like the way she treated Jacob at all. She really did string him along. Yea, she did tell him that it would never be more than friendship, but letting someone you know is crushing on you hold your hand and let them call you honey and things of that sort send out wrong messages.

I didn't want him with Bella. I think it was clear that Bella only wanted Edward (which is fine) but she should have been more clear about that with Jacob. I think Jacob was so persistent about dating her because of Bella's actions.

I don't know exactly what happens with their relationship after New Moon because I've only read up to New Moon but I'm excited to see how everything falls into place.
i liked jacob a little bit but i knew ed was cumin back so i just wanted bella to b a lil patient n leave him alone

i started to like him more in BD because as a person he realli is a pretti good guy

he cares for bella and majority of the time puts her before himself xx
I like jacob as her friend, nothing more.
i think they would be good if Edward didnt come back, but during New Moon i always thought they were better off friends and i still liked Edward more.
Only For A While
When Edward Came Back I Switched!
I'm Ashamed To Say That I Ever Liked Jacob!!!


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