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hey anyone noticed that Bella in movies never seems to cry,especially in new moon,in books she seems to heartbroken,devastated and pours all the tears in Edwards shirt at the end of the book but in movies she didn't show any such emotion.don't u think the moment would have been intense and very much emotional(m not saying its a good thing)if she had cried to show her feelings towards jake at the end.(Edward might taken her in to his arms).

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i agree!!! i'm not sayin kristen stewart is a bad actress but throughtout the movie its like she's only got 1 facial expression...don't no if ne1 agree's with me.
totally,she showed that again in new moon too,actually i think we all go to movie mainly for rob,of course the plot's rocking but m sure ppl who haven't read the book sure go to the movie to see rob and Taylor.hey i never have any grudge against Kristen but her acting just frustrate me,she always keeps a no contact zone with rob.imagine u have never read the story and saw the movie,m dead sure it won't be as intimate as a love story does don't u think????(sorry Kristen if i hurt u ) : )
I noticed that , too. I felt that she could have shown more emotion in the forest when he left....some tears!!! But I do think that she was spot on when they showed her deep depression with the changing of the months scene and she's sitting in her room looking out the window.
yeah the passing of month scene was great,a true depressing moment but then again she acted like she forget all abt Edward and started hanging out with Jake,but i must say Kristen's acting as Bella has improved a lot. hats off to her,i can't wait to see her acting in BD when she will be having ample experience to play the role of Bella: )
that is because Kristen Stewart has no soul
hey don't be harsh on her,she trying her level best,its no small deal to play on screen,having a thought in mind that millions of die hard twi fan'll be judging her acting.yeah she do disappoint us,but that doesn't mean she's souless
U have a point, there were no tears in Bella's eyes just sadness and grief expressions. I can't remember watching a movie where someone was crying and not tears appeared.
her portrayal as Bella has definitely improved in the new movie.let her try more and pour a little more emotions: )
yeah,but i do agree that Kristen has improved a lot since new moon.she's trying very well: )


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